Friday, June 21, 2013

Obsessed with Real Estate?

Is hockey our favourite past time or is it weather that we discuss the most as Canadians? A recent poll found that in Toronto, people talk about real estate just as much as NHL playoffs. 47% people in Toronto were talking about housing.

I am not surprised by that number. Not because I am a real estate broker, living and working in the Greater Toronto Area, but because housing, a.k.a. shelter, is one of our basic needs, right up there with food and clothing. It is something that we require on a daily basis, so it is no surprise that we are constantly thinking about it.

Point to Ponder: How often do we act upon what we think? How often should we act upon what we think?

84% of survey respondents said that they think about real estate on a "regular basis". "There are at least two main reasons homes are so important to people," Richard Ivey School of Business professor Dr. June Cotte said. "One is that they are often seen as an extension of our identity, and represent who we are. A second reason is that owning a home in a desirable location is also seen as an advantage in terms of resources, such as schools, as well as status."

Only 28% of those surveyed said that they went to an open house as a method to preview a property 85% simply previewed homes online.

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