Friday, January 23, 2009

Real Estate and Prospecting

OK, I do this thing at my office where I am asked to meet and train the REALTORS who are interested in furthering their real estate careers. They have made me the Team Leader for what we call "The Residential Club"; that is, all the REALTORS who wish to transact in residential real estate market belong to this club.

I have been thinking for some time that I have to write something about prospecting but our office manager has done an excellent job in summarising this all evasive concept of prospecting in to the minutes of the meeting that I held at our office.

So, read on and enjoy....

January 21, 2009

Dear Brokers / Salespersons,

A BIG THANK YOU to all our STARS who attended the Residential Meeting on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 hosted by Mr. Jagdeep Singh – Gold Award Winner of 2008. We are very happy with the response and your participation. Stars who want to be successful in their career will always make time to update themselves.

The topic of 1ST RESIDENTIAL CLUB MEETING was “Prospecting & Time Management”– Prioritize your “TO DO” list daily. As informed earlier, we need to prioritize ourselves what steps we need to take in order to increase our sales. Also give yourself a deadline when you want it completed. Everyone is busy doing what they are doing but to run a business successfully you are obliged to dedicate time and effort to what you want to be. What is prospecting?. Prospects are all around you, wherever you work, dine or enjoy.

Prospecting happens only when you yourself are dedicated to your business and be consistent in what you do. Just look around yourself and see what other people do or READ books about successful people to find out the clues to successful marketing. News are for you to listen but don’t get involved. Get yourself updated first before you answer your clients. Your confidence is what they test. How you present yourself and show your knowledge, greater your prospecting will be. You can’t specialize in everything but decide to become a specialist in what you do for your living.

This business is just like any other business, be creative and think of ways to reach out to community. Good or bad times life goes on. Keep Positive attitude and positive things will happen. Want to take a day off, do volunteer work or join a group that helps community or maybe sponsor teams, that makes you a good person in public’s eyes and establishes trust. When the need comes, they will think of you first. Leave something valuable with them that’s got your information on it e.g. Pen, Diaries, Measuring Tape, Letter Opener e.t.c. anything that’s basic and person would keep it. These things linger around everybody’s house. Now you have made your way into homes or people you have left good impression on. Always smile and be courteous because we talk to those who we are comfortable with and that’s what we teach our kids. “Don’t talk to Strangers” but Mr. Singh emphasized on how to make people comfortable around you. Some tricks of the trade as well. Mr. Singh related all examples to his personal experiences and made team realize what they can achieve through communication. Mr. Jagdeep Singh shared with his team members how he distinguishes himself from the people he interacts with during the course of day and how he relates to them. This is Prospecting.

Please note, prospecting is not done with every person we meet during the day, for this we have to rely on our own judgment and instincts to whom and how we relate. Mr. Jagdeep Singh informed various ways to capture the market. The best way to do, is to break the ice and present ourselves to the people we meet. That is the best net working one can do. We can also go one step further and start advertising/marketing through flyers, pens, community service, volunteering, advertising. There are lots to choose from, but it all comes back to us. Are you ready to take this step?

It was a delight to see our salespersons participating in the discussions, asking questions, sharing with each other their anecdotes. This is basically what we need to do “Learn from Each Other & Grow”, So let’s open ourselves by sharing and helping each other with our knowledge, views and experiences.

We would also be happy to have your suggestions / comments, if any, what you would like to incorporate in the next Meeting or what you would like to learn more, we welcome each ones views as “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual", so let’s make it happen.

Thanking you,


P.S. The Background Picture is the Fine Estate Home Mr. Jagdeep Singh sold in 2008. He was recognized with a Century21 New Star Realty Inc. Fine Homes & Estates Pin at 2008 Awards Ceremony. (Sorry, there is no photo here as it was part of the original email and has not been reproduced for privacy reasons)

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