Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is what Oxygen looks like

Coming soon to George & Shuter, a breath of fresh design. Breathe in a collision of art and space. Where a collection of Maisonettes & Flats surround a sweeping private courtyard. Where high design, imported Italian finishes and 2-storey "homes in the sky" are yours in a boutique, 14-storey sculpture. Discover a new concept in city living, steps from both historic and renewed pockets of Toronto. It’s time for fresh design. It’s time for Oxygen.

Here are the photos of what the 14-storey ‘sculpture’ aka building is going to look like (artist’s concept of course – nothing is set in stone yet, literally).

If you are interested, then to be on a priority list, all you have to do is send your name and email to

Jagdeep Singh, B. Arch.

Real Estate Broker


Buying and selling real estate in Greater Toronto Area. Did you know, that as per Ontario law REBBA 2002, “real estate” includes leasehold interests and businesses, whether with or without premises, and fixtures, stock-in-trade and goods connected with the operation of a business; (“bien immobilier”)?   Think. Analyze. Grow.

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