Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Things Have Changed Since Our Last Time

Dear TTC

I was inside you today. Really deep inside. I made my entry from Finch Station on the Yonge-Union line, and boy you have changed!

Now, I apologize that it has been few years since our last time together. You must have been working out and taking care good care of yourself. Because you definitely looked prettier and in better shape than before. Toronto must be proud. The red (or cherry, or maroon - depending on who you ask) looked nice on you. After all, it is a colour of passion. You know, I also discovered that you are more caring than before. You kept me informed of where we were at any given moment, both visually and vocally, speaking to me in your soft, sweet voice. BTW thanks for warning me to "stay clear" of your dangerous areas. I really appreciated it. Since our relationship is not mutually exclusive, I understand that you had to leave me at some point. So no hard feelings. Embellished just the right way, my second first impression of you left me wanting to spend more time with you. Hopefully I'll see you soon.


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